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Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC


The RISE Project 
The RISE (Respect, Intervention, Safety, and Empowerment) Project is committed to supporting consensual relationships of all forms while working to end sexual and relationship violence at Warren Wilson College.


We do this by providing thoughtful primary prevention education, outreach and social activism, and survivor response on campus and in the world at large.


We are committed to working with anyone questioning their sexual and relationship experiences, and anyone that may not be sure of their experiences. We are committed to supporting people of all genders, races, sexualities, ethnicities, nationalities, interests and abilities.


Recent and On-Going Violence Prevention Activities 
* "The RISE Quilt Project" - students from the Warren Wilson Community are creating a Clothesline Quilt using select tee-shirts from past on campus Clothesline events.  The quilt will be used at various events on campus and in the community to draw attention to violence and violence prevention issues.   
* The current Dean of Students and RISE Director worked collaboratively this past academic year to update the Sexual Misconduct policy in the Student Handbook.  The effort received great support and feedback from Student Caucus. 
* The first ever social norms survey was administered to Warren Wilson students in the Spring 2012 semester. The data creates a baseline to measure the success of future prevention education efforts while at the same time the information is being used as an educational tool.
* Residential Life and the RISE Project are building functional collaborations to better address policy violations, deliver prevention education, response services and sanction education programming.
* The RISE Zine library is moving to an online, digital format - to reduce printing costs, allow for reading on mobile devices, and have the materials more accessible to the community.
* RISE participated in the mandatory Title IX education program for all incoming first-year students.