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NCCASA has worked for and implemented many improvements for victims of sexual assault and human trafficking, including, but not limited to, co-founding North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NCCAHT), with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office in 2004 and remaining an active member, being instrumental in the development of a North Carolina-specific manual on human trafficking, conducting trainings on human trafficking at workshops and conferences across North Carolina for victim services providers and law enforcement, providing information and educational materials on human trafficking to the over 75 rape crisis centers across the state, partnering with the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission to development Sexual Assault Response Teams across the state and provide trainings, providing statewide trainings to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), and providing Human Trafficking Resource Packets to a variety of victim services and law enforcement agencies throughout North Carolina.  These Packets include brochures, handouts, pamphlets, wallet cards, and posters, and most of this information is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Korean, Mandarin, and Indonesian. 

As a lead victim service provider for sexual assault and human trafficking survivors in North Carolina, and as a co-founder of the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking , (NCCAHT), NCCASA  coordinates and monitors case management services, legal services, and collaborates with law enforcement and the US Attorneys to assist victims and pursue prosecution of traffickers.  The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault also closely collaborates with numerous victims service agencies to ensure that victims of trafficking are identified and assisted as quickly as possible. These agencies include The Salvation Army of Raleigh, Legal Aid of North Carolina and Pitt County Task Force, and all six of the Rapid Response Teams in North Carolina.  NCCASA is also in the process of developing a statewide protocol for case management of trafficking victims.  NCCASA uses OVC’s Trafficking Information Management System (TIMS) to record and report the number of trafficking victims who have been served and the comprehensive services provided to them.  NCCASA also ensures that each type of victim served will be documented separately so that reporting does not overlap.

Since 2008 our Anti-Human Trafficking Project, NCCASA has assisted victims of human trafficking throughout the state of North Carolina through the OVC Human Trafficking Project for Foreign Nationals.   We have also assisted provided training and technical assistance to over 300 allied professionals under this imitative.  In 2010 NCCASA received a grant from the NC Governor’s  Crime Commission to assist Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims in Cumberland County.  This grant allows for outreach, identification, and service delivery for victims of trafficking.  The CC DMST Grant also allows for training and developing a collaborative approach amongst allied professional in the Cumberland County community.


North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking Manual