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The staff at NCCASA believes that education is one of the essential components to preventing sexual violence. Our current sexual violence educational opportunities include the following:

The Statewide Campus Consortium, Sexual Assault Awareness Month Toolkit, and The Training Institute.

The Statewide Campus Consortium is designed to address the needs of survivors of sexual violence on college and university campuses.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Nationwide, communities will come together to remember the courage of sexual assault survivors, honor our accomplishments as a movement and rededicate ourselves to ending sexual violence in our communities. The purpose of the packet is to provide you with resources and suggestions for organizing activities and programs in April and throughout the year.

The Training Institute of the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault organizes and sponsors statewide training to sexual violence victim advocates and other related professionals, with NCCASA, State and National presenters.


NCCASA advocates for the rights of survivors of sexual violence and for those individuals and organizations that assist survivors.


NCCASA believes that working with our elected representatives we can create new laws to combat sexual violence. The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault works with elected officials at the state and federal levels to ensure adequate funding for sexual assault response programs, victims’ rights, and offender accountability. With input from our legislative committee, each year we develop a comprehensive legislative agenda to meet the needs of our members